I bet you have a question that is foremost on your mind.  Why should you listen to me when it comes to the question of reviewing the Top Christian Dating Websites available to you.  That’s a fair question.  Please permit me to respond.

Pickable Dating Site Review

On Pickable, kids can decide how long to be “pickable”, that is, “to choose”, up to a maximum of 24 hours (which will probably become more in the next updates of the app) 321chat review. In this way, explains Lalande, they do not experience the constant anxiety of always having to be connected and ready to make new acquaintances. The same is true for girls, who when they decide to send a heart to another user, they are not pressured, knowing they are “at the right time to start something new”. Pickable has been launched in Italy a few days ago, free of charge for both iOS and Android. It has already been active since November in France, where it reached number one in the download charts for dating applications, in the USA and in the UK. By the end of March it will arrive in three other EU countries. The download numbers speak of almost 300,000 users, at the moment, “of which 50% are women and 50% men,” Lalande emphasizes.

I too was, at one point, in exactly your situation.  I was single, and working very hard at a full-time job.  I found it hard to meet that “somewhat” special, and being a Christian, I had specific criteria I was looking for.  This criteria of Christian values seemed to narrow the field down even further, yet I was determined.  I knew that if I kept at it, and did my job, God would do his.  That was a number of years ago.  Today I find myself married to the Christian lady of my dreams, and just a few weeks ago we welcomed our first child, a little girl, into the world.

How did I meet my future wife?  Through the exact media that you are looking at…Christian Dating Websites.  So, since I belonged to various Christian dating websites, and was able to use that media effectively, don’t you think I might have some advice that you could find helpful?  I’ve often been told that if you want to be a millionaire, the key is to find a millionaire and do exactly what he has done.  There is no point in going and asking a poor person how to become a millionaire…they don’t have the credentials.  I might not be a millionaire, but I did meet and marry the Christian woman of my dreams.  So, I think I might have some credentials in this area…and in my opinion, it is worth a lot more than a million dollars.

Oh, something else I should mention in closing.  I also know of other people who have successfully met their mates through Christian dating websites.  I’m stating this so that you don’t become discouraged.  We were all single and looking at one point, and now we are happily married.  There is no reason why you can’t join our ranks.  You just need to get some ideas and advice and know how to proceed.  This is what we hope to provide in the pages of this blog. We would like to relay to you what worked and didn’t work for us.  We would like to give you stories of happiness and joy.  Above all, we would like to give you encouragement.  We know what it’s like to be single and want to find someone to share your life with.  We are not super humans or anything of the sort.  We are former single people who did our homework, went to top Christian WebSites to leverage our options, and came out winners!  There is no reason why you can’t too…

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Do you know which web site is the fasting growing relationship site on the internet?  If you answered PerfectMatch you would be right.  This web site has certainly received a lot of exposure.  If you are a movie buff did you happen to see the movies:  “Must Love Dogs”, “Failure to Launch”, or “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”?  Well, did you notice that PerfectMatch was mentioned?  Let’s turn our attention to the television set for a moment.  If you have ever seen the Dr. Phil Show, or LIVE with Regis and Kelly, or the Bonny Hunt Show, or Dancing With The Stars, you may have seen this web site mentioned.

This web site is not suited for the casual dater, and we assume that you as a Christian are looking for a long-term relationship.  Their “Duet Compatibility System” is based on 30 years of research and is designed to find true compatibility between individuals.  They have an online interviewing process, and once you sign up to their service they will start to “suggest” matches that they feel are, well, “perfect” for you.  This list will be narrow mind you…not like you having to go through tons and tons of profiles.  Their “Dual Compatibility System” has done its job of narrowing down the selection.  If you prefer to do your own searching based on your specific criteria, you won’t really like this site.

If you are an older Christian single then you should give this little statistic some consideration.  In 2005 they saw a 60% increase in singles over the age of 50.  Building upon this, from 2006-2007 the growth in this age range exploded into the 140% range.

So with this bit of a background let’s look into the pros of this web site:

  • If you are a member for one month or more they have a “Match” Guarantee.  This states that if they fail to send a certain number of matches to you (and this varies depending on the length of the membership) they will extend your membership for free.
  • They have a very detailed personality profile.  It will take a lot of time, but when you are searching for your soul mate would you want it any other way?
  • This web site is not for casual daters.  It is more suited for those who are interested in forming long term relationships.
  • The balance between males and females is almost equal.  Other web sites have typically 10-30% more males than females.

On the negative side:

  • It will take you time to fill out their profile.  If you don’t like questionnaires this will put you off.

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